Sunday, 22 August 2010


Following on from Fridays post I thought I would add a little how-to, one of the tricks I use often to create overlapping elements

See on this layout how the text overlaps the photo ... yes? Well of course that is easy to do on a digital layout, but a bit more tricky on paper unless you add the text as stickers or die cuts. Because I printed the text on my layout first and then added the photo afterwards, there is no way to overlap the letters ... so this is what I do

I lay my photo in the right place onto the layout and lightly mark in pencil where the photo overlaps the lettering. I then carefully cut around the ovelapping part of the letters and then slip the photo underneath them.

This way I still get that poster graphic look with minimal effort on my part.

I do this with patterned paper too sometimes, like on the leaves on the left side of this layout below.

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