Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Another boy card

My friend asked me yesterday if I could do her a quick card for one of the aquafit instructors she works with who is leaving. She said he is hanging up his "mankini" and moving on to another job and that is what she would like the card to say.

Love that word ... mankini. I guess when you work with a bunch of woman all the time you sort of become one of the gang. Swimming shorts just doesn't have the same ring to it.

I had to make this quickly, didn't have any suitable stamps or clipart so just drew a pair of swimming trunks, grunged the edges up a little with distress inks and added some computer generated wording and a few stamped flourishes.

Very simple, but I like simple for man cards.

Edited to add: I was just browsing some of my fave blogs ... mainly because I have to go ironing now and that is not really getting me fired up in the motivation department. Went onto the passion for Papertrey blog and saw this great man card by Aimes. LOVE it and just had to share.


  1. Hey love this Lousette, fab word "mankini!....lol

  2. Oh this is SUPER!!! So many details that I love; the hand-drawn trunks, the name tab, the use of flourishes (on a guy card too, they totally work!) and your sentiment is so funny!!! I'd love to know what font the first part of your sentiment is!
    So you blog surf too when putting off the ironing LOL! Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet link to my card, you're far too sweet!

  3. Lousette it's brilliant! What a difficult commission, you are so inventive!