Thursday, 14 April 2011

Spiffy Scooters

.... and my mission is nearly complete. I have bought four of Kim's stamp sets and last night I finally cracked open Spiffy Scooters. Three sets down and one to go.

I have to admit, I went through my stash the other day and wondered why I keep on buying more stamps. There is enough there to last me forever and it is impossible to use up all the cards I make. So what do I do with them?

Doing mag work is also a dilemma as I often buy sets for a specific project, only to use them once and then never again. So, I have decided there will be no more buying and putting in the drawer for later use, if I buy something it has to get used or I am not allowed to get any more. It is sad when you have to treat yourself like a child isn't it.

I am also LOVING this months PTI release, and my hubby is off to the States again in May, so if I want any of those I am going to have to get stamping!

That is why I was up at 1 o'clock yesterday morning wrestling with this card.

I really wanted a crisp white background, but once I had put the scooter on it there was just too much white. By then I had already stamped the sentiment and drawn the frame so I was going to have to commit. I had to sort out that chunk of white space in the left top corner and also balance out the red from the flames. Using the clouds in the stamp set was not going to work, too much white, so I drew a sun and coloured it in.

Then the sun looked TOO red to me, so I stamped it with the SU fine flourish background in white, just to tone it down a bit. I added a red seat and a red flag (originally brown seat and green flag) to offset all the red from the sun. I changed my mind a lot with this card, getting the balance right was tricky, but in the end I kinda like it.


  1. Love that card. I know what you mean about stamps ..and I dont have am excuse!! I could drown in stamps and am always looking to see what new!

  2. This is fantastic, Lousette! After so much fiddling, it looks perfect! I love how you drew your own sun.