Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ideas everywhere

On Monday I had to take my daughter to buy school shoes (at the last minute of course, as you do). My husband broke his foot a few weeks ago so walking around the shops is not really his thing at the moment. This meant of course that the girls and I could linger and browse to our hearts content on the way to Clarks.

As requested by Hailey we spent a fair amount of time in Next. I so love the little people clothes at Next. So many cute ideas, colours and inspiration for cards and layouts.

Wouldn't these flip flops make a really fab card - imagine little paper pieced shoes.

 ... or these. That vibrant green with the pink stripey shoe.

... and these cute little girls - they are adorable. Love those colours - little white faces girls on a Kraft coloured card blank, the pink cat, pink hair and the grey spotted bandana in the hair. I need a stamp set like this.

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