Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Getting there

You know I have told you that we are re-decorating the dining room, well it is nearly done. Can you hear that audible sigh of relief. By comparison everything else now looks seriously dated and I don't have to be a fortune teller to see that there is a lot of painting, stripping and above all hard work required in the future.

I have tried very hard to find a picture of the dining room before we started the painting etc. As a scrapbooker you would think I would have at least one, but then you would be wrong. What the ... ? I mean really. So I dug out this rather old picture of Hailey (dressed up in some sort of outfit of course) where you can see the wallpaper and blue carpet in the background.

 ... and this is where we are today. What a difference hey. I am so loving that new floor! No more patterned wallpaper either - woohoo! Floor should be finished by this afternoon and then I can move furniture back and resume some semblance of a normal life.

To celebrate I shall bake some cheesecake.

Next week my Aunty Olive is turning 100. I mean who gets that old! She is sharp as a tack and apart from some aching bones, fit as a fiddle. Check out this old duck, here she was 98, doesn't she look amazing! The other old duck is my mum, and of course Simone. These women are a true inspiration to me. I have never ever in my whole life heard my Aunty Olive complain about anything. She just doesn't pollute herself with negative thoughts, and it shows! An inspiration.

I can't be in South Africa to celebrate with them, but I did make a card to send off. It is not earth shatteringly amazing, just nice and plain like I know my aunty Ollie would like. She has a thing for sweet peas, so I finally got to use my PTI sweet pea stamp.


  1. What an inspirational story! Goes to show what a positive attitude can do. She probably adored this beautiful card.

  2. Gorgeous card for a Gorgeous and wonderfull lady ,i wish my grandma could celebrate her 100 birthday with us in uk,


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