Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I was looking at the new critter stamps from Lawn Fawn today and that reminded me that I have loads and loads of dingbats that I bought ages ago and still really haven't played with properly. Love dingbats, and really don't use them often enough. Much cheaper than stamps too (not that I am dissing stamps ... just saying) and you can print them any size you want.

This cat is from the DB critter doodles set - cool isn't he. He was printed onto orange paper and then pieced, but next I want to try and print my dingbats onto smooth cardstock and then colour them with copics. Yeah!

A weird sentiment I'll give you that - but you never know when someone will look after your cat and then needs to be thanked with a handmade card. You just never know! Best to be prepared and all :)

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