Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A bit quiet

Yes, it's been a bit quiet here on the craft front, quiet even after I received some dies recently purchased from the States. They are still in their packaging lying on my craft table which is looking sad and forlorn.

The reason is this:

I have just bought myself a pair of these - seriously. At 41 I am taking up inline skating. Talk about your midlife crisis.

I have now spent two weeks investigating skates, investigating lessons, booking lessons, getting deliriously happy at the prospect of skating, getting seriously worried at the prospect of skating (and falling), scouting out where to skate, trying on rollerblades, buying rollerblades, taking rollerblades back because one foot felt "weird", getting replacement skate for weird foot ....

It is hard, time consuming work having a midlife crisis, really it is.

Who knows if I will ever craft again?

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