Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cards for men

They are just the hardest aren't they! We have a 40th birthday party coming up, my friends know I make cards - absolutely no way I could get away with a shop bought one - so what to do.

Last night I was sitting in the car waiting for hubby, saw a guy handing out leaflets and he had a trendy sweatshirt on with scruffy writing at an angle going off one shoulder on his back.

AHA ... design idea.

Scruffy writing it shall be, and let's say ... uhm, a beer mug (my friend loves beer, but what man doesn't). I don't have any beermug stamps, couldn't find a digital image either, so back to the drawing board ... literally. As a last resort decided to turn to my own very limited drawing skills and drew a beermug which I coloured with my copics...

okay, before I go on, I totally get what all the fuss is about wih these markers. Got a full set of ciao's for my birthday in Feb and whoa, they are exceedingly cool.

... coloured the beer mug with copics, scoured my patterned paper for a "manly" design, got onto my trusty CorelDraw (I have yet to master Photoshop, so CorelDraw is my go to graphics package) and found a grungy font.

Nearly there.

I wanted to have the card look a little dirty, so distressed the edges with ... distress inks of course. It still needed some more dirtying up, so I added a few circle stamps. What I really needed was this stamp from Tim Holtz to make some beermug rings, but what can a girl do. A few circles and dots had to suffice.

Voila - man card done, panic over and social protocol adhered to.

Even for a “grungy” card it is still pretty clean and simple, but this is about as much grunge as I can muster - it will have to do.

Tomorrow the new Craft Stamper is out, so something to read in the bath again. For you SU fans, I have done a project with the butterfly punch and stamps – they are so adorable. Very pink, very glittery and very girly. Sneaky peek.


  1. Lovely blog, lots of great crafty projects. fabulous holiday photos too. I too remember the days of mulberry paper, in fact i think i still have a box of it somewhere lol

  2. The beer mug looks great and the rings work a treat!

  3. Love your Grunged card brill idea :)