Friday, 5 February 2010

Alphabet Stamps

LOVE them. Actually, I love all things alpha and have an unhealthy fascination with type. Sad but true. I wanted to study Graphic design after school, a bit of a change for me as my main subjects in school were Biology, Science, Maths and Accountancy .... really!

I was dithering between studying pathology (wanted to be a forensic pathologist .... again ... really!) and Design. Yes, you can see how logical those two choices are together. The mind boggles.

However, because art was lacking in my subjects from school I didn't make the entry requirements for graphic design - weird thing is, I did well enough to apply for a BSc degree - but some rebel inside of me wanted to join the art school, so I settled for Interior Design instead.

We had typography as a subject throughout all 3 years, and I absolutely LOVED it, my favourite subject of all.
In this months Craft Stamper magazine I have done a project using Alphabet stamps. 
The main project is a scrapbook page, with a step by step on how to make this flower from scratch, here is sneaky peek or two

There are also a few cards ...

...and a journaling spot below (more for us scrapbookers)
This all in the March issue, out in shops today.

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