Thursday, 15 September 2011

Frame it

I love picture frames - you can stick anything in a frame and it looks good, right. So I was in Tesco the other day and saw these little 3D frames. You know the ones, where the glass is set forward a little to accommodate dimensional objects. I ended up buying one, I was going to use it for a project and didn't in the end, so I went about scouting to find something to put in it. Found this old card I had made and put it in the frame for Simone (oldest daughter's) bedroom.

I love how a simple frame can just make anything look good - she loves it.

Hailey was very upset that she didn't get anything, so we went and bought a frame for her too and I told her she could make something for her bedroom too. She rummaged through my papers and chipboard collection and made a cute simple little picture.

Literally a piece of patterned paper with chipboard letters and that is it. So easy, but it looks pretty cute for a 9 year old's craftwork don't you think. Patterned paper is so cool.

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