Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Angels angels all around ...

For last weeks chickensoup challenge I made this little angel.

Isn't she just perfect for Christmas. A bit of a fiddle to make, but totally worth it. Her body is simply two pieces of triangular material sewn together and filled with rice. While sewing the body together also sew in the arms and legs which are made from plaited silver cord.

Wooden ball feet painted with silver acrylic paint and her head is a ping pong ball, also with a few layers of acrylic paint. Fuzzy wool hair and a little halo made from craft wire. I drew her face on with marker. The heart on her chest is drawn with Tulip fabric paint.

For her wings I made a wire frame and sandwiched that between two layers of angel hair - I don't even know if you can get this stuff anymore. It was bang on trend a good few years back and right up there with the torn mulberry paper craze. I then painted (with my finger) a liberal coating of  PVA glue all over the wings on both sides, propped them up and left them to dry. Once dry I cut off any excess angel hair and voila, semi opaque wings. They are stuck onto her back with a liberal amount of PVA glue.

Oh, and she also has a less glamourous country cousin. They sit together on my chest of drawers and talk all day long.

May the angels be with you!

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  1. I think she's lovely (and the cousin of course!) Very cute and festive. Christine :-)