Monday, 9 November 2009

Oh how I hate DIY

So I spent the entire last week stripping wallpaper, and yes it was as fun as it sounds. Then there is my darling husband ...

You see, when he was twelve years old the owners of his local hardware shop asked him if he wanted to work for them because he spent so much time in there, looking and drooling over all of the tools and equipment. At twelve!

In those days in South Africa you could go to work part time even at that age, so he jumped at the opportunity. When I met him he was 28, and still working at the hardware shop on weekends, even though he was then holding down a 9-5 office job during the week. I think you get the point here - he loves all things harware, and probably the reason he gets my obsession with crafty tools, gadgets and stash.

There is a down side to this though, whenever there is any DIY work to be done, it gets done by the book. There is no painting over anything, everything has to get stripped down to bare metal, wood, board ... you take your pick, then primer, then sanding, then undercoat, then sanding, then top coat. Jeesh!

It always looks really good in the end, but working with a perfectionist is ... well ... hard work.

I have left a whole month for us to do my craft room, because I just know that it will stretch on with all the little extras we will have to do - not to mention all the new tools we will have to acquire.

First though, I had to get all the stuff out - and that took nearly a week. Sorting, organising, trying to find a temporary home for everything ... ugh!

This is my room starting out. You know how you have to get everything out and on the floor first before it can get properly sorted. Stuff everywhere - who knows where it all came from.

I am aiming for it all to be organised and neat when I am done, at the moment I only have one bookshelf that is organised the way I like it. The rest is in a state of, shall we say, semi organisation. You know where only I know where anything is.

Oh yes, and my ribbons – that has just been organised too, thanks to this cool hanger from Lakeland. I will just need to find a good place to hang it -maybe behind the door.

Once all the stuff was out there the fun and games started. Stripping the walls. That was fun ... NOT, and took me an entire week because I had to be super careful not to damage the plasterboard underneath.

I stripped all of the walls, using water, sponge, ladder and a scraper, but see all of the tools that suddenly arrive when Matthew starts doing all the things he needs to do. Like putting in new drywall screws, filling holes, levelling stuff, sanding stuff, sawing through the floor, putting in a new radiator ... the list is endless.

I am grateful, honestly I am. Matthew is great to have around, and he does a sterling job. It does mean however that this week I need to sand the skirtings, paint the skirtings, sand the door frame, paint the door frame, sand the door, paint the door ... do you feel my pain!


  1. I can't tell you how much I feel your pain, I think I must be married to your husbands brother!! My husband is just the same, everything has to stripped right back, he always does a professional job, he just thinks about it for a VERY long time LOL.

    Good luck :O)

  2. Oh but won't it be worth it when you have a super duper, all singing all dancing new craft room!!! I have a hubbie a little like that too!!! Juliex

  3. You are not alone...but I am never ever going to re-do my room. Never. ANd if I mention it, shoot me.

  4. I'm so pleased to have found your blog after admiring your work for so many years in various magazines. I do admire your style because I'm not a messy crafter either and can't bear to get my hands dirty! I do symphathise with you therefore in having to put so much graft into decorating your house. Just keep thinking about how fabulous it'll be in the end. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in your blog, and your lovely cards of course. I must keep peeping now I know where you are!!
    Very best wishes, finish quickly and get crafting again soon,
    Judy x

  5. I love seeing your transformation but I do feel your pain!! Can't wait to see the end result :)